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What Options Do You Have with a TEFL and No Degree?

If you are still working on a degree and currently only have a good TEFL certification, there are still several teaching options available to you. A TEFL can be a great way to get stared and gain some experience.

TEFL Options

1. You should first start trying to gain as much experience as you can before applying for teaching jobs, such as ones available abroad. One great way is to volunteer teach so that you can prove having experience with real students and gain great references which are very important.

2. Teaching online is another great option for teachers who may need more freedom. You can do this by teaching for an online school to gain experience first, then set up as a Freelance teacher later, if you prefer.

3. If you are fond of children, it is pretty easy to get a job teaching kids English without a degree. Au paring is one good option for doing this, or you could even do after-school care or tutoring.

4. Copy Editing is another great angle to take if you have a passion for reading and writing. This offers a lot of flexibility as you can do this from anywhere.