Student Workforce

Top Five Interview Tips

Interviewing is the make-or-break to getting the job you seek and can be a nerve-wracking process when you are not fully prepared or well-practiced. The top five tips for being the one who stands out are:

1. Do Your Research: find out what you can about the company that you are interviewing for and even the latest industry developments so that when asked, you have something relatable to say about why you appreciate and respect this company or industry.

2. Practice Your Answers: there are some questions that are less predictable and therefore harder to prepare for, however you can prepare for questions with regards to your strengths and why you are the right person for the job.

3. Look the Part: always dress to impress (at least one level above the job you are applying for, is recommended). The first judgement will be on your attire and how you present yourself.

4. Stay Calm: be prepared with whatever you may need to take with you the night before. Plan your route so that you arrive without having to rush and remember that you are simply talking to another person, so smile and remember that the interviewer may be just as nervous.

5. Ask Questions: try to prepare around five questions to ask, when it is time, about the job, culture or goals of the company to prove your interest.