Student Workforce

Tips for managing money as a student

Student life comes with lots of costs such as accommodation, study material, general bills, stationary, social life costs and food and with most students on a limited budget it can be difficult to manage your finances and keep on top of everything.

We have put together a list of tips on how to budget your finances.

1. Write it all down (create a budget) – this may seem a fairly straightforward task but it really is helpful. Write down all of your outgoings and income every month so you can keep on track of how much money you will need to pay out and what your available spends will be.

2. Stick to your budget – it is so easy to go over your budget if you are careless. Once you have created your budget make sure you stick to it. Another good tip is to set a small amount aside each month for unexpected costs – this way you wont need go off track.

3. Always check for student discounts – this is a real money saver and something you should do as a habit. You can save hundreds of pounds each year.