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Things to consider when deciding to study away from home

More and more young people are choosing to fly the nest and study away from home. Although this is a very exciting time for young adults you will need to consider some of the cons of doing so. It is best to be fully prepared for such a big step in your life. We have made a list of things you will need to consider when deciding if studying away from home is for you.

1. Responsibilities – with independence comes responsibilities. You will need to be responsible for yourself and your accommodation.

2. Money – studying away from home can be a very expensive option. You will have bills and rent to pay. You may also need to consider also getting a part-time job to support yourself. Student loans will only go so far.

3. Dramatic lifestyle change – some students may struggle with a complete lifestyle change. For example, going from a small village to a large city may be overwhelming for some. We recommend you visit your new city beforehand to get used to your new surroundings.