Student Workforce

The Benefits of ‘Temping’

Getting a temporary job may not seem to be the most optimal choice when you are seeking a new career, however, it can have several benefits.

Benefits of Temporary Employment

• Flexibility- by taking a temporary job you have control over you career and have the freedom to take breaks as needed.

• Gain Skills/Experience- if you are having a hard time getting your foot into the door, in a new career path, even doing some temporary work in that area could at least get you new skills and experience you may need for future.

• Networking- temp jobs give you the opportunity to meet new people that may be beneficial to your future career.

• Can Lead to Permanence- sometimes employers use temp jobs to find good people that they may want to keep on full-time.

Although temporary jobs may not have been your first choice or what you want to continue to do in the future, they can be an excellent stepping stone to getting where you want to be.