Student Workforce

Studying during lockdown

With the current UK lockdown in place due to covid-19 all universities, collages and six forms are closed. This is a really difficult time to keep up with your studying at home without your lecturers there to guide you but there is a lot of help currently out there so don’t panic.

The first and most important thing is to look after yourself, do what feels comfortable and safe for you. If you are able to study online, then there are lots of resources available.

Your lecturer should have sent you work to complete during the lockdown to help keep up with your studies. If you have not received anything to keep you occupied, then reach out to your lecturer. If you are looking for alternative study material, there is a lot online currently to help you with your studies.

Many lecturers across the UK are offering virtual classrooms – if you have the facilities to attend and feel well, attending these sessions could offer a small feeling of normal life.