Student Workforce

Strike planned for July

Teachers are sate to strike on the 5th July this year following confirmation from the NUT (National Union of Teachers). The last strike in July 2014 was due to increase in workload and issues with pay and pensions. This year, they are due to strike because of the drop in funding for schools.

It appears that over the next few years schools could see a drop in funding by up to 8%.This could have a huge effect on the schools, teachers and pupils and the education system as a whole.

Deductions in funding could see increase in class sizes, loss of some support staff and even teachers and also less equipment and resources for pupils and teachers to use.  This could also mean pupils will have less options when it comes to the subjects they are able to study at school.

Strikes do not always work, but the NUT have said it is their last attempt to get things sorted out before action.