Student Workforce

Preparing Well for an Interview

Preparing for an interview is never easy. It is especially difficult for people working in the teaching profession – this isn’t an easy job at the best of times! If you want to do well in your next interview, here are some tips for you to follow:

  • Look up the school in detail. Make sure you know about their ethos as well as knowing facts and figures.
  • Check what the school achieved in their OFSTED report. This could be a good talking point and will show that you are serious about the school in question.
  • Get together a list of your top achievements. This will help you to talk about them and to remember what you have done well previously.
  • Buy a new suit. Teachers should look smart and presentable at all times so make sure you look the part.

More than anything else, remember why you want to teach. Talk about your job with passion and let your interviewer see what it means to you.