Student Workforce

Networking as a Student

Networking whilst still in College or University is an excellent way to propel your professional life in a positive direction. You shouldn’t wait until you are seeking your first or new career to start growing your professional network, start now!

Ways to Network as a Student

• Utilise School Resources- if there is a careers office in you school, take advantage of that resource and start gathering information and speaking to people

• Connect with Professors- make professional connections with your teachers, LinkedIn is a great place to connect with those you meet throughout your education

• Join Alumni Associations- make connections by becoming a member of groups and associations related to your school

• Stay Connected with Friends and Family- keeping up good relations with those you already know will help open up future opportunities

It is very important to start making as many professional connections as you can whilst you are still working on your education. This will make things much easier when you start your job hunting.