Student Workforce

How to Train for a New Career

A new career is terrifying yet so exciting at the same time. If you are making a clean break and are looking to do something totally new, you may well benefit from a little bit of extra training. If you are looking to excel in your next career move, here are some tips for you:

  • Look at open university and conversion MA courses. You will often not need a relevant undergraduate degree or A levels to do this. Qualifications can be more flexible if you are willing to study flexibly as well.
  • Look at local college courses. Many have training for adult learners and tend to specialise in practical, hands-on career like beauty therapy, hairdressing or bricklaying.
  • Train whilst at work. Talk to your boss openly and honestly to see if there are places you could move within the company. Don’t be worried about being honest – if you can’t do what you want within the company and don’t enjoy working there, it’s time to move on anyway.