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How to find motivation to study

Finding ways to motivate yourself to study can be a difficult task but often the thought of actually doing it is far worse than actually cracking on with it. With the glorious summer weather, we have been experiencing in the UK you may be a bit behind on your studies and now have a lot of catching up to do which can seem daunting. We have listed a few ways to help you find the motivation to study.

1. Acknowledge your feelings – you may be feeling stressed or anxious or something may just generally be playing on your mind – write down these feelings and leave them to one side so you can regain focus.
2. Don’t hide away – avoiding your studies will only make things worse – it’s like a snowball effect the more you avoid studying the more time you will need to spend catching up
3. Understand your study style – its common knowledge that we all have different learning styles and this should always be acknowledged in your studies. Try to make your study experience as interesting as possible.
4. Don’t second guess yourself – comparing yourself to other students will only make you feel worse – we are all different in many ways. Don’t question your own abilities.
5. Focus – visualise yourself studying and then focus on getting it done. Try to eliminate any distractions such as your phone.