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Employment news – UK gaming industry employing at a record level

The UK gaming industry has recently released some pretty pleasing figures with regard to employment levels in the last 12 months. The industry have employed 10% more creative staff in just one year. This is due to a recent boom in the demand for gaming software, with games that are played through social media, as well as games that are played on portable devices such as smart phones or tablets.

The number of jobs that were indirectly supported by the gaming studios also increased from 18,093 to 19,872, which is another record in itself.

The UK gaming industry is set to continue to rise as more and more app style short games are released ideal for ‘on the go gaming’ as well as the more traditional console games including multi-player online games. With this rise there are set to be even more jobs available and more training opportunities for people looking to get into this industry.