Student Workforce

Checking your Contract for a New Job

Before you commit to a new job, make sure you have fully read and understood the contract. You won’t fully be able to understand the role until you have taken in all the information that is within the contract. Ensure you spend some time going over it thoroughly and making sure everything aligns with your understanding of the role. Here are some key things to check:

  • Sick pay. Will you be entitled to pay if you have time off sick? Many jobs will only give you statutory sick pay.
  • Hours. Check what your usual working day will look like and whether you will be entitled to any extra pay or time in lieu of overtime.
  • Bonuses. See whether you are entitled to any company bonuses based on profit or performance.
  • Pay date. Make note of the day you will be paid so that if you need to, you can rearrange regular payments like rent and bills.