Student Workforce

Abroad Freelancing Opportunities

If you are considering a job or career in Freelancing work so you can travel abroad, there are quite a few opportunities that are available to you. With the growth and more frequent use of technology in a remote working capacity, it is likely these options will continue to grow as well. Not everyone enjoys remaining in a static lifestyle and especially whilst people are young, it can be very rewarding and rounding to discover other cultures and environments.

Jobs that Currently Support Freelancing

1. Writing, of any kind, is a great freelance career as it can be completely web based. This could be writing business blogs, articles, social media posts, magazines or pretty much any facet of writing you can imagine.

2. E-Commerce is another great option. There are several online store owner options that could be operated from wherever it is you want to be, such as an Etsy shop owner or Amazon retailer.

3. Photography offers excellent freelancing opportunities, especially since you can sell to travel websites, online magazines, new publications and so much more!

4. Teaching is a great option as online learning continues to expand and if you earn a TEFL certificate you can market yourself almost anywhere as an English teacher/tutor.

It can also be very beneficial if you have a combination of Freelancing skills to make yourself even more marketable.